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Spring Equinox

The warmth of the new spring air, and the eclectic chirpy songs of the birds, lighten my steps. Wisps of adventure calling me into the sunlight, with promises of new manifestations. A sense of balance looping and swooping through the air.

Equinox, a balance of light and dark, of birth and death, of stillness and manifestation. All of these opposites intertwined with each other representing the energy of this time of year. A unique balance moment at the edge of both the old and the new cycle. From this mid-point seeing them clearly as part of the same whole; neither needed more than the other, nor more or less important.

Balance of light and dark seen in the day and night now equal in length. Felt in the ever-growing warmth of the sun, yet with darker remnants of colder months still lurking. In the last throws of winter's purge, spring sunlight shines over us, making new promises and illuminating the path ahead.

A balance point for gradual acceptance; a tentative unfolding into the new cycle. Still being so close the old cycle, we can easily look back on the things that have gone, but within the light of the new there is an ease to their transition. Parts of nature, parts of ourselves, anything that needs to, or is ready to, can be left behind. There is not space for everything to come through into the next cycle. But even though that looks like death and endings, it is actually just transition. Nothing to be feared, only to be celebrated.

I breathe deep into this spring energy, my inhale activating from the stillness to the manifestation, life coming from death.

The new energy has arrived and is ready to drive our momentum forwards. Emerging all around, yellow primroses, light and airy, dancing their glee to being free; green buds full of vitality ready to burst; busy birds eagerly preparing nests. All of these shapes are a beginning, a representation of future manifestations arsing from the completions. A chance for renewed goodness and riches. Expressions of new adventures inviting themselves in. A decision time to stay in the remnants of the old cycle, or to witness it, love it and let it fully release; to rise again, stronger in what has shifted.

There is profound harmony found in this balance time. I dance and bathe in it, knowing from this wisdom that all is equal; I can be stillness and I can be manifestation, what will live will die, what is light is dark. I can dance with all these energies, and loop and swoop in an embodied whole.

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