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Retreat Ovierview

Elemental Retreats offer 4 different types of retreats at Sunny Brow Farm.  Join us for yoga and ritual throughout the year cycle with our set of Yoga Medicine retreats. Rewild and realign with yoga and walking inspired by our love of yoga and the lakes and fells. Dive into the Nada with us on our Sacred Sound retreats. Or kick start your year with new year new you, and boost yourself midsummer with summer flourish.   



Yoga Medicine retreats are a blend of asana, pranayama, mudra, banda and meditation inspired from the ancient texts of Yoga, infused with empowering practises from Earth based spiritual traditions of Shamanism, and inspiration from the Pagan fire festivals to celebrate the seasons. A space to open to what we can gather from a deep and connective practice. A space to be with our own wisdom and the wisdom of the cycle of the year. 


Inspired by the joy of living close to nature this retreat is an opportunity to connect with your true nature through practises that take you on a journey into your inner sacred world, through yoga and meditation; and out into the beauty of mother earth with hiking and mindfulness walks.  Choose this retreat to welcome the gifts of realignment and balance to these aspects of life.  



This retreat, with Suzy Anne and other sound healers weaves together deeply nurturing and focused yin yoga with the meditative and healing power of sound.    Allow yoga and sound to take you into the Nada and connect with your inner sacred sound. A retreat to take you deeper into your yogic journey with yoga, yoga nidra, nada yoga, kirtan and yoga with live music. 


Join us for one of our health and wellbeing retreats. Yoga, meditation, elemental ritual, massage and wholesome foods, these retreats are the best of Sunny Brow in one package.

Positioned at the start of the year in January for a 'New year, New True You'; or in July/midsummer for a detox and 'Summer Flourish'. 


Retreat Calendar 2024

All the Sunny Brow Farm Retreats are now split into two – Elemental Retreats and Soul Collaborations. See the calendar below with all the retreats taking place at Sunny Brow Farm in 2024.

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