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Early Winter Medicine Walk - November 2020

Winter is drawing near. The tress almost bare, leaves fallen; cleansed, purged and having just let go of the previous cycle, they stand naked in the elements. Time to grieve. I shed a tear for all that has passed in the last cycle. On this cold, sunny November morning I reflect back on the year; the year that wasn't at all what was expected. It hurts, and I try to allow the pain.

The sun this morning cuts through the energy of the cycle's death; but allowing large shadows that remind me that its time now to go into the dark again, down down underground. The water flowing strong in the stream, more downward energy, pulling in, moving stagnation. Flow, cleanse, let go, surrender. I have the opportunity to become more fully who I want to be in this death and rebirth.

And then a squirrel collecting nuts, gathering in a frenetic mission to be safe and well in the winter months. What do you show me? How and what can I gather to be protected and safe this winter?

And then a grouse strutting, leading the way onward...

Climbing, walking, an empowered scramble. To the top; to the rock that caught my eye, white and clear in the naked surroundings. And once there, the sun shines, and the lake sparkles, and the mountains stand bravely in the distance grounding me and taking me home. Inwards and under, fully into this time of year. I realize its not control, just part of the whole. I can be alive and well, yet rested and at peace.

Moving back with deeper understanding of creation because the rock told me; it told me it was creation, that I am creation, so are the trees, the water, the animals. I am creation and so is everything around me. I can let go, I can love.

By Suzanne Saunders

Photo by Kerttu Kruusla

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