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10 Years Ago I Had a Vision...

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

10 years ago I had a vision. I saw a country side location with grey buildings, it spoke to me of a place close to, and inspired by nature, that would be an ‘organic spa’ . A place close to Mother Earth and a natural environment, with facilities to nourish and nurture in an holistic and organic way. Somewhere for yoga, massage, healing and whole foods. I imagined that my vision was something to aim for, for many years in the future, yet life works in magical & mysterious ways. Only two years later we were standing in Cumbria holding the keys to Sunny Brow Farm.

I knew it was connected to the original vision, but didn’t realise how accurate until I was walking the land a couple of years ago and looked down to see almost the same image, the grey buildings set in nature, my holistic retreat centre, the ‘organic spa’ in her making.

Right from the start I knew that I was going to have to enjoy the journey to the goal. For the first time in life I knew I would have to embrace patience and trust, or the ride would be too painful.  The budget was limited, self build was our only option; and with family life and children, also tugging at my heart, my first child was 18 months old and his two siblings followed in the next 5 years.

The journey has been a blessing, a whirlwind, and a roller coaster of highs and lows, but all part of the unfolding journey of Sunny Brow, myself and the work here.

Four years after we purchased the farm we had one barn cottage opened, and I launched the first phase of the holistic retreat centre. Gradually each barn came on track. All beautifully hand crafted and created by my partner Philip, each one unique in character, yet encompassing all that we are wanting to offer; natural, organic, simple, elegance.

Seven years after we first began renovating we completed the final barn cottage, and our massage room and small yoga studio.

Now we are beginning to spread our holistic wings, attempting more flights, growing and offering more and more a place for people to come to be nurtured and nourished on a deep level. Plans are also recently submitted for a new and bigger yoga studio, overlooking the woodlands behind the barns. A woodland sauna and hot tub are also next on the lis

Please see our Facebook page for reviews of our centre, and please see our website for what’s on this year.

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